Sunday, September 20, 2009

Legos Have Taken Over My Brain!

Harrison inherited a box load of legos - literally - from Big Brother a few months ago. I finally bought a container and organized them, sort of.

Suddenly he was busy for hours! Who knew it only took a box of random Legos to occupy that constantly ticking mind of his (well this and the unceasingly building with blocks). Heck, I would have pulled them out earlier!

After playing with the endless stream of Legos, I took a look at all the bits and pieces daily scattered acreoss the floor and decided it was time to put some of the sets together. I waded through the pile of  Lego booklets only to discover the only actually instruction books still left were for the sets that were obviously missing the most pieces, everything else was advertising. Bummer.

So I did the next best thing...

I went online! [I ♥ the internet!]

After looking at pictures of completed sets in the little "envy" booklets enclosed with every Lego set, Harrison and I were able to determine the set number. (I determined the number, he happily yelled, "That's the one!!" with each discovery.)

Minimal surfing produced instructions and part lists for several sets, so we I built this:

And this...

...and even this.

I can honestly say that I now have a personal relationship with Legos; I never dreamt that I would get to know Lego pieces so well.

Apparently, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Check out Slurping Life for more pictures - Straight Out Of the Camera.


melody is slurping life said...

Yay for mom's Lego skills! You did good. :)

The shot of Harrison working intently and of his little hands are my faves. But your creations are fabulous, too.

Christina said...

A+ for Mom! That's some impressive building work. N and I have been playing trains lately, and my engineering needs some work. LOL!

P.S. Doncha love it that you can find ANYthing online!?

Jaimee said...

Oh wow, I can't wait for my two to get into Legos!!!!