Friday, May 9, 2008

I Want a Big Fuzzy Spider

I mentioned that we visited the spider exhibit at the zoo recently. A BIG spider exhibit.

As in big spiders.

Harrison was (in all his boy-ness) absolutely enthralled! I, on the other hand, went along for the ride, I took pictures, I tried not to squirm.

Since then he randomly brings up his new choice in pets,
"Mommy, I want a furry pet spider!"

"Oh, you do?"

"Yees, a big fuzzy spider that sits in my hand and tickles me."
He tells me this as he holds his hand out in demonstration. The other hand pretending to pet said spider.
Now loved ones, don't get any grandiose ideas of the perfect gift for Harrison. No quiet, furry, timid, sweet, gentle, tarantula.


Gentle and timid or not, Harrison is NOT getting one of those until he buys it himself and takes it off with him to college! Or is married and convinces his spider-loving wife that it's a perfect first anniversary gift and pet.

As we go to bed this evening, he says:
"Mommy I need a pet yellow spider."

"You need a yellow spider?"

"Yes, Mom. A furry spider that I hold with hair that tickles my hand."

"So. How about that fish I mentioned?"


Killlashandra said...

Too cute! It's amazing how kids get fixated on an animal. I can't really blame you for not wanting to even imagine the possibilities of a spider escape in the house. :)

Sounds like the zoo trip was excellent though. The pictures are very cute. I'd be working the fish angle too. W.W. identifies Walmart and immediately wants to visit the fish section.

Lots of luck with the family pet.

Christina said...

I'm with you - no spiders in this house, no matter how much she begs I'm just not going there!

Elaine A. said...

Note to self - "Do NOT take kids to spider exhibit."

Thanks for helping me out there! HA!

Maggie said...

You rock. Because as soon as I saw the top of your post, I got the shudders and skimmed as quickly as possible until the things that have 8 legs were no longer visible. I can handle a lot of things, but creepy-crawlies are NOT one of them! ICK!!!

chaoticfamily said...

That's great!!! Fish are Fantastic - so good luck.