Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh What a Night...

Remember that fever I mentioned? It broke last night around 12:30 AM. It broke and Harrison awoke. He called for me. I went in talked to him comforted him, sang a song and said goodnight.

But it didn't end there - not in the least...

1:20 AM - Harrison wakes again, crying out. I wait. Then I go in. We rock in the rocker for a while. I lay him back down. He asks for water, I give him his cup. He wants COLD WATER. I'm not going all the way down to the fridge for cold water. He gives in.

1:40 AM - He calls out again, he's had a bad dream. I don't remember the details, I'm delirious by this time. He wants to go in bed with us, I tell him to sleep in his bed for now and then join us in the morning. We cuddle, I sing a song, he asks for things that are impossible to have at that moment.

2:15 AM - He begins crying, he needs me he says; the GID tells him to come get in bed with us. He climbs out of his crib and runs in to join us. Telling us "it's dark!"

3:00 AM - He has been tossing and turning, kicking and talking, whispering and squiggling - no one is sleeping. I tell him he needs to be quiet and go to sleep.

3:30 AM - I take him back to his own bed after warnings to settle down and go to sleep. He crys.

3:38 AM - I go in and talk to him, more about bad dreams and pit droids and "I need medicine". But I don't retain it all.

3:40 AM - We sit in the rocking chair and cuddle.

4:00 AM - Harrison wants to eat dinner. Wants to drink milk, wants to eat breakfast. I am annoyed - after all, I am not officially sleep deprived. He is gazing down at a toy garage as we sit there and he says, "Wait-A-Meen-ute! Mommy my toys are moving!" I look down (dang well hoping to not see little wooden cars moving about) "No honey," I respond, "You're just tired. You need to sleep." "Mommy, see the sword fish, it's going to sleep, see it sleeping?" "Yes, honey."

4:30 AM - I'm back in my own bed finally. I try to fall asleep; but Harrison yells out.

4:45 AM - He is once again in bed with us.

5:15 AM - He begins to drink some milk.

5:20 AM - He spits out said milk and the GID and I fly up in a panic causing him to burst in tears. I comfort him.

5:30 AM - In the bathroom on the potty going pee-pee and changing closes. He wants to get dressed and go down stairs. I am trying to offer some alternaitives. (or at least I'm thinking of the alternatives...)

6:00 AM - Daddy takes him down stairs, Mommy goes back to sleep.

8:30 AM - Mommy wakes up and comes downstairs

10:15 AM - Harrison has crashed out on the sofa to Bob the Builder. He sleeps until 1:30 PM

8:30 PM - Night time routine starts all over again.

Calgon Take Me Away...


Blueberry said...

that isn't a night, that is a nightmare!
i'm so sorry that your family had such a horrible night. hopefully it was just a one night thing!

Jaimee said...

Oh my - what a night!!! I've had a few close to that, but sounds like you had a doozy! Hope you get some catch-up sleep!!!

Mandaroo said...

Poor little guy....hope he's all better soon. And poor ma & pa...hope you get the sleep you need. Remember, it's just a temporary thing and you'll get through it.

Christina said...

Carey's right, that's a nightmare! You poor thing. We've had our share of nights like that, and they're NOT fun! Crossing my fingers for a better night tonight...

Brittany said...

ugh I hope you're sleeping right now!!! And I hope Harrison is feeling better, soon!

carrie said...

oh boy...i hope you are all happily resting today! what a rotten night.

hope you have a very happy mother's day!!

Stacy said...

Oh no! I hope you are getting more sleep now. Those little ones do terrorize our nights from time to time don't they?