Thursday, May 8, 2008

Star Wars Breakfast

I was once a good mother that give my child a wide range of options over the week for breakfast, but at 3 years old, Harrison has already found a routine that he likes.

You see he must have his Star "Whores" Breakfast (yes, he still pronounces it like that, what can I say.)

What is a Star Wars Breakfast, you ask?

Plain low-fat yogurt with cereal. Usually Trader Joe's Mixed Berry Granola, but Vanilla Almond Clusters or Honey Bunches of Oats works just fine. When he's really lucky, fresh berries are thrown on top! (Gotta mix it up some how...)

Fortunately, I can still sneak in some eggs or toast with almond butter and jam or even some pancakes once in a while.

But for the most part I am told that a Battle Droid needs his Star Wars Breakfast.

Who am I to argue with a Battle Droid?


Christina said...

hey, it's a good healthy breakfast - sounds fine to me, if a little monotonous! Has he ever explained WHY this is a Star "whores" breakfast?

carrie said...

that is a gorgeous breaky! i would like that one each morning, too!