Sunday, March 16, 2008

"My, My, My" said the Spider to the Fly...

On our way home from a late date with the Mouse Thursday night. Harrison was not only very awake, but also quite talkative. We got on the subject of helping people (sparked by Handy Mandy in Playhouse Disney's newest live stage show that we were able to preview.)

As we talked about helping people I reminded Harrison that Jesus helps us and teaches us how to help others. Then I reminded him that Jesus loves him and started to sing Jesus Loves Me. Suddenly he yells,
"No Mommy! Don't sing Jesus Love Me!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"Jesus doesn't love me." (Yes, I was as surprised as you may be...)

"What?? Jesus, doesn't love you?"
Seriously, this it NOT the kind of thing your want your toddler saying when all the other moms in your Mops group are telling cute little antidotes about how cute their child was when she prayed or how little 2-year-old Tommy asked for one more cookie to give to the homeless person, etc., etc. No. This isn't good fodder for THAT group! Plus, wasn't it only a couple weeks ago that Harrison was pointing out Jesus. [A post I forgot to publish. No surprise there.]

So we go 'round a couple times, mind you this is a tired, strong-willed 3-year-old I'm conversing with here, so really most of this is just plain tired-Toddler-asserting-the-NO-card. No singing Jesus song. No, Jesus NOT love me. No, you not love me... Yes, No, Yes, No, NO, YES! NO!

Finally after a beat, I ask again, "Who told you Jesus doesn't love you?"

"Pider tell me. "

A couple more guesses on my part of whom pider might be. Finally, I hit the nail on the head...
"Yah! Spider tell me. Spider in a web. Spider say Jesus not love me."

"Well, that spider is wrong and you can't listen to spiders. Jesus loves you and He loves that spider, too."
By this time we're home, Harrison runs into the house still shouting about the spider in the web. Without even a hello to Daddy he goes to the corner of the living room pointing and saying, "Spider! See? Spider! There's spider!"

We look closer and behind the telescope at the base of the bookshelf is a tiny little web with a small daddy-long-leg sitting in it. That was odd.

Well Harrison may very well be a spider-whisperer, but spiders still lie.


Blueberry said...

hmmmm, spider whisperer, huh? ;)

i wonder what else that spider has told him???

MamaGeek said...

Oh my, I wonder too what else that spider told him. I love how innocent children are!

Christina said...

Well...isn't that interesting. I wonder if my toddler is getting all her crazy ideas from a spider, too?

Kim said...

I wish I could talk to spiders! Maybe not that particular spider, since he lies, but I wonder what they other ones say.


Stacy said...

Oh, the things that come out of their mouths! Yes, spiders do lie. ;)

Andi said...

How funny...I thought this story was so cute that I asked the daughter to come in here and read it. She said she wants to have a son as adorable as H. :) She laughed and laughed at this...I am really amazed at the level of his imagination...I wonder how long he's been thinking this, or did he just craft that story on the spot...I wonder if he's talked with this spider about other things and when did he first notice it. Oh, my goodness. This is just so curious!! What a GREAT story. I am glad you have it recorded here. He needs to hear this one when he gets older!