Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It Was Only a Matter of Time...

Well, it happened - only not how I expected.

After class Harrison wanted to visit the office staff, he knows everyone and they love seeing him. We walked into an office where some people were winding up their lunch.

Shortly after everyone left Harrison was left to chat with his girlfriend, Pam (a youth director), when he noticed the little chatskies enclosed in the glass on the front of a desk.

He began to examine and comment on them, at the discovery of a certain figurine, he excitedly yelled, "Jesus! Look it's Jesus!"

"That's a Rabbi,, Harrison" I answered.

"Mommy, NO it's Jesus!"

"He kinda looks like Jesus but this is the Rabbi's office..." Doh!

"IT'S JESUS!" he firmly exclaims.

Pam offered through her laughter, "Well, Jesus was a Rabbi."

See what happens when the Rabbi's away...

I have since shared the moment to the Rabbi upon his return from sabbatical. He fully enjoyed this story and has passed it on to others.

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Christina said...

Hahaha! OMG, that's hysterical!!

Nadia sees "baby Jesus" everywhere. Every picture of a's Jesus. Gotta love their faith and innocence!