Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hey! Look Who's on Ripleys Believe it or Not!

Or maybe he should just go on Fear Factor - Pint Sized!

Why, You ask?

Well, my child can eat GLASS!!

YES. That's what I said. G-L-A-S-S.

Here's the low down as described by the "Don't Panic" mom. (That's me.)

After school today, Harrison came into the school office with me; another mom was in there with concerns about her child. Being that I work there, well I was drawn into the conversation.

In the mean time...

Harrison is playing within my sight in the next office and having a good ole' time with the other child. There's nothing to get into in there...

Or so I thought.

As I'm finishing the conversation so I can take MY child home for a nap, said child comes up to me with a smile and I hear:


Oh yes, CRUNCH!

My brain zips! "What are you EATING? Candy?" I ask. (there is NO hard candy around in the general area, I know this.)

He gives me A Big Proud Grin.

"Show Mommy"

"Ice Mama!"

"Is that ice??"
I put my finger in his mouth, it's not cold.

Slight panic.

"Spit it out now!" As I hold my hand under his chin.

He spits out a piece of clear odd-shaped something. I put it in my mouth.
What else was I going to do?
No taste, it's hard.

"It's glass!" I exclaim to all in the room.

Glass, AND he broke off 3 little tiny splinters. One came out with the initial piece and I felt it nick my fingertip, two more after I swiped his mouth with my finger SEVERAL times and SEVERAL times more!

Later when I returned to the office, I found an unclaimed candle votive with sea glass in it that was left on the desk during camp week.

It looks like - candy.
Or ice.

We tossed it out!

Dodged a bullet.

My boy the Amazing Glass Eater.


Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh wow! at least it all turned out well! it amazing what they can get into, is it not?!

Christina said...

Yikes, there's your scare of the day! Definitely sounds like something mine would do, too. I'm glad it ended well!

eipwek said...

Whoa! I would've been freaking. I'm still at the stage when I freak at Scout putting dried leaves and dog hair in her mouth. Glass would put me over the edge. It's nuts what they can find to put in their mouth!