Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 Things you didn't know about me! By Harrison

Let's face it. I'm not typing, I'm dictating, so when you see the spelling errors blame the mom behind the boy!

I was tagged by Nadia at Momology AND by Adam & Matthew at Mommee and Her Boys.

(WHAY-DA-MEANUTE! MY mommy has boys! Only she is spelled M.O.M.M.Y.H.B.D! A! (Stop that! Mommy! Stop typing!) Stop mommy, stop typing me literally!


Here's the rules!
Make a list of eight random facts/habits about yourself. At the end of the list, choose eight friends to tag and list their names. Leave them a comment on each of their websites to let them know that they have been tagged.The people tagged will write a post on their own website about their eight things, post these rules, and tag eight others.
Let's go routine, as being only 2.5 years old, I am not yet too random.

1. I like to wake up in the morning and climb into mommy and daddy's bed to have a glass of milk. After I drink my milk, I like to start wiggling and talking - loudly, of course, and making a general pain of myself all in the name of fun to get mommy and daddy up. After all it's "WAKE UP TIME!"

2. My daddy calls me an "Old man" because I like to sit on my potty chair with a good book or back issue of "Astronomy" magazine to the point of making my parents nuts!

3. I love to do "couple-errands" with mommy. Heck, any chance to get out of the house I'll take!

4. I need my Super Why and Little Einsteins fix. Mommy doesn't understand that it's like coffee to me! Hello!

5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mr. Sandman MUST be sung at EVERY nap and bed time. No exceptions. Really!

6. Um, Smoothies as many times a week as I can muster out of my mommy. Frozen blueberries for dessert after dinner and just give me the whole vat of yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner, really!

7. It's all about play! What don't you understand? I just want to play.

8. All baths must have at least one rendition of Splish-Splash, Octopus (Slippery Fish) or Yellow Submarine sung by mommy and end with a game of cookie monster (made out of a towel) eating my tub toys and spitting them out and then me lying in the now-empty tub and playing peek-a-boo over the edge. I also enjoy helping mommy put lotion on afterwards.

9. A random thought or 3, I like rockets and airplanes and singing the ABCs and I know my left hand from my right! (Even Mommy can't remember that some days! But she taught me so she's getting better!)

10. I like to count to 10 most every day, so I couldn't end at 8.

That's it, I'm done dictating and mommy is done asking "what?, what?" So I'll leave you and think about who to tag. Mommy says she can edit the post. What ever that means.


Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh, good job harrison!
bean loves einsteins too. AND running errands, she just loves to shop.... funny though, her favorite places to go are best buy and home depot!! ;)

Brittany said...

lol thanks Harrison! We love Einsteins (or "Eimsteims" as Adam calls them) too! :)

Christina said...

Well done, Harrison! You are quite a cool little guy. Nadia follows the same morning routine, except sans milk. And as of the last week, Curious George is her morning fix.