Friday, October 12, 2007

Favorite Phrase Friday - What Happened?

Okay, so there is Best Shot Monday, Wordless Wednesday and Theme Thursday. Now I have to add Phrase Friday because each week for the last few weeks Harrison has picked up and used a favorite phrase. Once discovered, he uses it every day all day in any way he can! Then as fast as it came to him, he has filed it to the back of his memory bank and moved on to next big words to say.

And most of the new phrases are ripped from the headlines mommy & daddy's mouths.

This week: "What happened?"

The words roll out of his little mouth in such a mature manner. The first time we noticed, the GID was watching football and yelled at a bad play and Harrison, responding to the yell, looked up and asked, "What happened, Daddy?" Since then, when he hears a noise out of the ordinary, hears something fall, someone says "ouch" or laugh at a TV show, Harrison will stop and ask, "What happened?"

He wants to be a part of the moment.

We always explain what happened to him. It seems he finds the answers to this question much more satisfactory then those of the previously used, similar question, "Whass Dat?" as he no longer repeats the question - at least until a new opportunity arises...

Usually in 60 seconds.

Head back to October 5th to see another Fav Phrase!

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Cari said...

That's so cute. :)