Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Awe, look, he's going to be a Car Wash Attendant"

The GID makes these predictions often, I believe it's to curtail the possibility of Harrison actually taking on one of these occupations he announces.
Harrison puts trash in the trash can and runs to the window for each passing garbage truck:
Oh, he's going to be a garbage man.

Harrison sweeps or mops the floor:
Look! He's going to be a janitor...

He's going to be a street cleaner...a maintenance man, a vacuum cleaner salesman, a window washer, a dishwasher....

the list goes on.

Last week's occupation? It all started when the GID washed Duke-the-Dog. Well Harrison helped out up until he spotted his sandbox out of the corner of his eye and found that to be so much more compelling. Done.

A day later, Harrison yells at me from outside.
Wait. How..?
Dog Door.

So I look out the window to find Harrison wiping his car with a towel as he exclaims, "I'm washing car. Mommy. I'm washing car!" What a perfect time to step it up! I got some soapy water & a sponge and he went to town!

Later, as the GID browses through pictures of the day, he announces:
Awe look! He's going to be a Car Wash Attendant!

The truth?
Our child is a multi-talented genius.
Of course.

And yes,
he truly
about cleaning

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Christina said...

LOL, that is too cute! I swear, sometimes I think my girl is OCD, she is so compulsive about her cleaning. Of course, she only wants to clean when it's her idea and never when it's something that really needs cleaning. ;o)