Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Room With a View

Go Ahead, Jump on the Bed!

Yup, that's what my girlfriend told Harrison when we went to see her at the very hip, chic, frou-frou hotel she was staying at while visiting from out of town. In fact, it was her idea to begin with...

"Harrison, I bet you want to jump on the bed!?"

Little did she know what was about to ensue for almost an hour. Let's just say she got a good workout! Harrison does loves to jump and dive into/onto furniture and people's arms, and at 2 1/2, he doesn't easily tire right away.

So here are a few of the pictures from our day at the elite frou-frou hotel with BIG fluffy feather pillows and fluffy feather beds and fluffy feather comforters. Did I mention fluffy? All things white and dreamy like clouds - and don't forget the ocean view! Wow.

And, oh, how I love these eyes!


Arizaphale said...

That boy is 'havin' some fun now'!!!!! Great shots. They really capture the excitement. I am slightly exhausted just looking at them. Nice view though mmmmmmmmm.
Oh and yes, he has Great Eyes!!

Mandaroo said...

He has such happy eyes! Looks like a lotta fun! And, what a great view!