Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bedtime Ritual - Theme Thursday

The theme this week as ritual and what better ritual to focus on than bedtime. Well, at least the first step of the bedtime ritual. It just so happened that I finally remembered to take my camera upstairs to take a couple pictures of Harrison in the bath, not great quality pictures - oh well. But I haven't taken bath pictures since he was a few months old!

The bedtime ritual is pretty simple but we vary it to keep things interesting... okay, really we vary it because sometimes we just can't do the bath thing EVERY night!! More like, I can't do the bath thing every night...

Any normal bath evening starts like this...

Me: Harrison, bath time.

Harrison, using the universal sign for stop with his hand, "NOOOOOOO"

Me: Five more minutes to play, than bath.

Harrison: No Bath Mommy!

Fifteen minutes later...

Me: Okay let's go for bath.

Harrison: Okay Mommy.

After several songs, playing with boats, ducks & frogs, washing of hair and nashing of teeth. Oh yes, nashing of teeth. It's time to end the bath.

Me: Okay, water has to go home now, time to get out.

Harrison and that universal sign for STOP again, "NOOOO! NO MOMMY!"

Well after a few more minutes of reminding him that, no, he can't sleep in the bathtub, and,yes, the water went down the drain - home, laying down and playing peek-a-boo over the sides of the tub, and accepting the annual, naked "hug-wet" from my my little boy just to get him out of the tub - we are on to the next, and newest, step in the bedtime ritual - the potty chair.

And that, my friend, is another story...

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Mandaroo said...

LOL, too funny. NOOOOOOO. Yeah, I hear that a lot around here too! : )