Friday, September 21, 2007

"No More Diapers, Mommy!"

It has arrived! The BIG milestone, the moment in mommy-hood I dreaded most.

Potty Training.

Yes, potty training. I just had NO CLUE how to start the whole process. It seemed so overwhelming. When do I know he’s REALLY ready? How long do or don’t I wait to start him? What steps do I take? Do I really want to wade through 2 million, 3 hundred and sixty websites & on-line articles about potty training – most of which either tell you what you are doing horribly wrong or how to get your child trained in just one day. Yeah, right. (I was never really good at following instruction booklets, anyway.) And are size 6 diapers & pull ups really that taboo?

But low and behold, Harrison took the lead. I bought a potty chair back in June and Harrison carried it around a couple times, sat on it once in a while and constantly pointed at it stating, “Potty Chair”, then he started pointing at regular toilets and saying “Big Potty Chair”, but that was it. Recently though, we got a couple (pretty lame) potty training videos (packed to the nines with silly songs) that he wants to watch over and over again.

Well lately since I found myself working a lot of extra hours, I really hadn’t done much else to further the process along. But one night, a couple weeks ago, when we got home from an outing and were getting ready for bed, Harrison looked up at us and announced, “No More Diapers.

Okay, then.

Immediately after that he lay down for a diaper change. Nothing more happened for a few days and then one evening after his bath, he insisted on sitting on the potty chair, asked to sing the ABCs and went pee-pee. We yelled for daddy to come and see and we all did the Happy Dance!

For the last 2 or 3 weeks, he has gone every evening before bed, save one. But today, while home with daddy, Harry asked to “pee-pee on potty chair?” and off they went in the middle of the day!

We are on the road to potty training!