Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not quite the beginning - part two

Harrison, also referred to as Harry (by his big-brother and daddy) is lovingly named after his grandpa Harry, whom he refers to as “Pa-pa” – an endearment close to my heart since I called my grandfather Papa-Chuck my ENTIRE life until his death a year ago. Harry may not stick to that name once he finds he can say “Grandpa”, but that’s another day. Still, funny how life moves in a circular motion... Anyway, Harry is already 2 years old and he is quite a busy and talkative young boy. And I have plenty of material to record.

Therefore it’s important that I go backward before I move forward, if only for myself. So if I suddenly recall something that happened in the recent past and record it now, it’s truly for prosperity. It's small moments no longer missed, now recorded permanently. This is ultimately a record for Harrison, of who he is and will become, and a record for those who love him but don’t get to see him daily - as we do. And it’s about us and our experience of being parents. The good, the bad, the ugly. Yes, I said ugly - we are such imperfect human beings. And OH, I have had my moments!!!

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