Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not quite the beginning...

I haven’t kept a journal about Harrison and I already kick myself for that one. There are so many little things he has already said and done that were so funny and cute and are already lost to me. I am horrible at journaling (aka blogging) but there is no better time to start; and since I have few brain cells left after having but ONE baby and I can't rememer to take my Ginko Biloba to help my memory, well I figure this is a good way to start!

And today I needed to start, as he is beginning to put together more complex sentences and thought processes. A few moments ago, I was pretending to be a kazoo and singing some obscure tune like My Three Sons when Harrison stops, turns to me and says, “No – mommy, no – mommy,” meaning he wants me to stop this obnoxious noise right away. I stop immediately and still looking at me he says, “Okay, okay” in that tone that us parents use with our children when we have had enough.

I laugh at the ‘moment’ and say out loud, “I love you, Harrison.” He immediately replies, “I – know – mommy, I – know.” My baby boy is growing up!

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