Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sponges hold a lot!

I have often said to GID (the Guy-I-Dig) that we need to watch what we say around our mobile little sponge. He soaks it ALL up! Let’s just say Harrison’s parents are both of Irish-German descent and there is something to be said of certain temperaments… I tell GID that we would not want an embarrassing moment of being called into the preschool classroom because our 3-year-old used a strong, not-too-Godly of a word that most adults wouldn’t say in mixed company. (Not that this type of language is used often – if at all in our house, but we all have bad days, don’t we?) Well the other day, I’m working on the computer and Harrison is playing with his cars (who now talk to each other with repeated phrases like, “I’m happy!”, “Hi, how are you?” and “Hi ya!” Suddenly I tune into something different in his dialog. As he is sits on the floor playing, he is repeating “Oh, no, dangit, dangit, Oh dang-it.” Oops! Where did he get that!? Not us! Not his perfect parents! No way!

Let’s not talk about that day at the park when we were on our way home and something got caught in the wheel of the stroller. I couldn’t get it untangled and after 5 minutes, in frustration, out flew the word – “CRAP!” nice and loud. My friend in front of Harrison started laughing, I looked up and she said, “You said, C-R-A-P.” spelled out in that manner that parents do. Yeah and…I thought - still caught up in MY moment of frustration. Then I hear it, Harrison is sitting in the stroller singing, “Crap, crap, crap. Crap-crap!” So much for trying to model good behavior.

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