Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Duke to Duchess | Photo Story Friday

Hard to believe that it’s been two years since we said goodbye to Duke-the-Dog. However, he is not forgotten in any way. Duke comes up in conversation fairly regularly with Harrison and he is always pining for another dog – most likely named Duke or maybe Carl.

Then last summer he had a new plan. A parrot. I suppose between all the pirate stories, pirate toys, pirate cartoons, pirate movies and even pirate Legos, he decided on a parrot. 

Why a parrot?
Because parrots can talk.

Harrison wanted a talking bird.

Now, I loved my pet parakeets when I was young, so I was able to quickly talk him into the more manageable size bird. We read about them on the internet and watched YouTube videos of talking parakeets and Harrison even picked out a name, Duke. In memory of Duke-the-Dog.

Although I was trying to hold out for Christmas or his birthday I found a great bird store that hand feeds and hand raises their parakeets and I took Harrison to see the birds. He immediately picked out a blue, male parakeet (males are more likely to talk than females) and was able to touch and hold it. He was sweet and gentle… and he was sold.

A month later, we went back to our favorite bird store ready to adopt. Harrison walked to the parakeets and picked out a sweet little yellow female. He was set, she was IT.  But Duke no longer fit. Then the G.I.D. offered up '”how about Duchess?”
Duchess it was.

She’s still a bit shy.

 But we keep working with her, like letting her watch some Disney channel with Harrison.

We give her the run of the house…

Yet she always heads back to her “safe place”.


And like Duke-the-Dog, she doesn’t always want her picture taken and has no qualms about screaming about it.

After I walk away.

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Herding Cats said...

Such a beautiful post. Harrison and Dutchess are a pair of cuties!

Golightly said...

Thank you!!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Beautiful!! And I love the name Duchess.

Duke is a favourite name also because we have a horse named Duke!!!