Sunday, February 13, 2011

SOOC | a lazy Sunday afternoon

It’s hard being five-years-old. You have to be right about everything. Every. Thing.
You have to practice reading, you can’t watch TV all day, you have to write your name on 20+ valentine cards, you have to stop at the store with you parents, you can’t go to the McDonalds playground that you spied while in the car, you neck hurts, your head hurts, you’re thirsty – right now!

…and that’s just Sunday morning.


Then after some cuddling and all the whining and pouting and gnashing-of-teeth, it all went quiet.


and that’s where I found him - fast asleep.


Don’t you love those days where you can just dig in and take a nap?


I know I do.

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Colleen said...

So very totally 5 years old.