Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Famous Last Words

"but let's hope he doesn't stick his tongue to a frozen metal flag pole when we visit the Midwest this winter."
What was I thinking to even utter the idea anywhere?

 We visited the St. Louis Arch over Christmas; the first time for Harrison and me. It is pretty freakin' cool!
[Oh yeah, you see where we're going with this]

Now the boy doesn't read his blog, and I don't THINK we talked about it in front of him... AND I know for a fact we didn't Triple-Dog-Dare him; but non the less, a light-bulb went off in his little five-year-old head immediately after I took a picture of him standing up against that gigantic, cold, metal wall.

I can only imagine the wheels in his brain turning as he examined it, "Hmm, this is interesting, I wonder what it tastes like; what will really happen if I touch it with my tongue..."

...and before I could stop him, out came the tongue and made contact with the cold surface of the arch.

Yup, I took the picture first - then I did the mom-thing,

"Harrison, Eeww! Don't lick the Arch"!

Luckily, it was only 30 degrees out and his tongue didn't stick.

Never. A dull moment.


Tracey said...

I love the colors in those last two photos. :) My kids are VERY curious about the tongue sticking thing. What is up with that? I tell them it's not fun, and yet they really want to know for themselves.
Hope your day is going well. I don't think I have your email. Email me: traceymo2000@yahoo.com. I want to send you something that I found that an artist wrote. Totally encouraged me and I think it will encourage you too. :)

Blueberry said...

what is with kids? my daughter had to kiss the washington monument. why?!?!
(so glad he didn't stick! he he!)

chaoticfamily said...

LOL I quite like this! Kids are so funny.

Christina said...

Hahaha! Oh my gosh, that is too funny. Kids. :oP I grew up in the St. Louis area, and this made me miss it.