Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Daddy Files | “This is not the castle you are looking for…”

One of our dear friends had a very important birthday this year, one of those ending-in-a-zero birthdays – always an occasion for a BIG birthday bash. So that’s what he did. It was hosted at his friend’s home in the Hollywood Hills. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend the event since I was already in Huntington Beach attending a photography workshop.

But the G.I.D. took Harrison and Big Brother to the party. On the way there he told Harrison they were going to a party in a REAL castle. Harrison wasn’t buying it… until they pulled up to the house.


Shortly after arriving Harrison was ready for something to drink, being out of practice in the art of “just-in-case” snack preparedness for children, Dad had left the canteen behind. He couldn’t find a single beverage that was mom-worthy (not even bottled waters). So as he handed a plastic cup, filled with what he deemed the least unhealthy drink, to Harrison he muttered “Your mom is going to kill me.”

Harrison took one sip of the clear liquid in the cup and an expression of utter shock, bewilderment and excitement washed over his face all at once.

WHOA!!      WHAT?… IS?THIS!??

Just like that, he guzzled down his first-ever 7-Up and immediately held out his cup for more. It’s hard to say just how many more he had that evening; but he seemed to handle the sugar rush fairly well.

Later in the evening, Harrison was apparently being followed about by a smaller boy who became quite taken with him; unfortunately he quickly became annoyed by the younger, much louder boy. Being five years old, Harrison’s way of dealing with the boy was, well… uniquely, creatively… Harrison.

He finally stopped, looked seriously at the boy and waved his hand from left to right saying, “This is not the castle you are looking for… Move along…”

The little boy just stared blankly at Harrison. Speechless.
(Apparently, his dad hasn’t versed him in the finer points of Star Wars yet.)

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