Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Bittersweet Ending

Today (Friday) is Harrison's last day of Preschool.

The. Last. Day. Of. Preschool.

I can't believe it.

I started this blog when Harrison was just pushing two and half and just starting to go to preschool while I worked. Now he is finishing up his Pre-K year and he really is very excited about Kindergarten.

But as fast as the Toddler years were left behind, now the Preschooler years have all but vanished as well and it is [once again] - bittersweet.

What makes it even more melancholic is the loss of a very dear teacher last month. Miss Maureen or Teacher Maureen, as Harrison referred to her.

photo courtesy of Teacher Chris Anne

Very unexpectedly Miss Maureen, who had been a part of Harrison's school years since he first started, passed away. We loved Maureen and she loved - well - EVERYONE. I have never met someone with so much love and such a powerfully positive outlook on life. Even in the frustration of her most current, on-going health problems she kept smiling. This year had been extremely challenging and, sadly, she was out more than in the classroom the last few months. Only weeks before I received an email from her saying hello to Harrison and I and saying how much she missed everyone and hoped to be back soon. I can't delete that email now. It's my last communication with her; how sweet she was.

She often shared the funny stories with me of how Harrison would bring up Jesus into the classroom or a school event {at his Jewish preschool} - especially around Christmas time. She loved him.

As I sat at my computer yesterday sorting through pictures after Harrison's End of the Year Program and pot luck lunch at school, he got up on my lap and said, "I love Teacher Maureen".

The program had been dedicated in her memory so she was fresh in his mind again. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I responded, "Me too Honey, me too."

Then we talked about how she is up in heaven keeping an eye on us and, in Harrison's words, playing with Dukie-Dog and keeping him company.

photo by Harrison

We'll miss you Maureen and thank you Chris Anne for teaching and loving our kids!

This year during the special programs Harrison  quite often decided not to sing instead he would run to me and cling - I don't know why; but Wednesday he gave it his all - one. last. time.

Preschool Days
If you get this by email and can't see the slideshow click here.

It has been a good run, preschool. I'm going to miss seeing his little face in the hallway on the way to movement or music or Shabbat; but for him, the adventure is still only just beginning.

There is so much more to come.


natalie said...

We haven't had to deal with loss yet. M has some issues with the idea of Heaven. She doesn't understand the whole "live with Jesus" kind of thing...she wants to live with Mama and Daddy. I'm sorry that you've lost someone so special and that Harrison has to process that. Miss Maureen looks like a wonderful, kind woman...and your life was so much richer because you knew her.

I can't believe preschool is over. It seem(ed) that our kids were so compatible...doing similar things on similar schedules. M still has another year of preschool before kindergarten. She'll be with me at my school, so I am looking forward to the convenience of that, but sad to see the passage of this time in our life.

Yara said...

Well when you put the pictures all in a slideshow like that and I see how much Harrison has grown... it makes me teary eyed... our kids were babies just yesterday & now they are ready for kindergarden... how did that happen so quickly?

I'm sorry for your loss...

carrie said...

Oh. Bittersweet indeed. I'm so sorry for your and Harrison's loss! The ending of something great just makes for the start of something new - which I'm sure is going to be just as great!

Our little kindergartners! Augh.