Saturday, September 8, 2007

Can I bring home the bacon & fry it up it the pan?

Apparently not.

Since I've been working full time, I haven’t had much time to share anything here, let alone cook a gourmet meal for my family - bacon or not. My house is a mess, my desk is piled high with papers, clean laundry is piled on the dresser, the windows, my car and the dog need to be washed, (have I mentioned the toy cars everywhere?) And although I know that H. has been his cute little adorable self and well worth bragging about (save for those few moments when "hands are not for hitting") I have just been too tired to retain it in my brain. Wait, isn’t that why I started this blog; to make it easier to record his early days and not have to retain every moment in my brain? Oh well…

One small moment: H. started a class by himself this week while I work in the office. He had absolutely NO transitional problems at all. Moreover, as soon as we set foot inside the building, he ran off to his classroom, madly waving his hand backwards, calling, “Bye mommy! See you, mommy!”

Although at the end of the day I had to bribe him out of there! Yes, bribe him, I know - bad mommy - with a hand full of pretzel twists (well actually it was two pretzels, which issue after he ate them and wanted more) but I was tired and wanted to go home! Heck, we had been there for 7 hours – that’s a long day for a 2-year-old with no sleep. Let alone his mom.
I think he wants to move into his school.

I guess I should go clean something...

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