Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - He Often Ponders

This was taken the day before I packed his room to move.

Two nights into our new home he asked, "Mommy, is my blue flower walls still out ours old house? Can we go back there after the new people leave it?" After a short exchange and some tears it took all I had to get out of his room without bursting into tears, too.

But don't be sad we are all happy and well in our new home!
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Yara said...

Lorelei keeps getting sad about moving too : /

Christina said...

:o( That's hard for a little guy to move on from the only home he's known. But I'm sure he's found new things to love in his room now. As for me?? I LOVE that window seat! I'm going to have a home with window seats, one day. :)