Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have You Tried Speed Watching?

We've heard of speed reading, and even speed talking but Harrison took it to a whole new level yesterday after school when he asked to watch a movie.

He chose a VHS movie and put it in then asked me to speed past the beginning. I handed the remote back to him and turned back to my work. It soon became silent again so I turned around.

"I'm fast forwarding past this part, mommy!" he informed me.

And then, as many of us moms do on occasion (don't hate, we've all been there at least once!), I tuned him and the TV out.

Minutes later Harrison asked, "Can I watch another show now?"

I swung around in my chair and began to say, "But this just started..." only to stop mid-sentence as I saw him standing in front of the TV, remote still in hand watching the credits roll by.

He had watched the ENTIRE movie in fast forward.

All I could do was laugh.

Although I think he could be on to something.


Cara said...

Totally been there!

Yara said...

he's a genius!