Saturday, December 26, 2009

Five Words He Didn't Use Today...

"May I watch a show?"

Harrison went to bed last night without a clue that there would be presents under the tree to open. It's the GID's tradition to put all the gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve after children have gone to bed. So as much as Harrison has talked about what he wants for Christmas, and talked about the Christmas Story and baby Jesus, watched Christmas shows and spotted Santa; he went to bed content with the small toy he brought home from his God Parents house.

With that, he didn't wake up at the crack of dawn, nipping at the bit to get down stairs, rather at 9AM (still too early for us older people) he yelled out "Mommy! I'm Hungry!"

Out of bed we fell, and began the tradition of Christmas morning; albeit, slowly.

[I wonder if next year will be different?]

First box he grabbed was what he wanted...


Then he opened his remote control Tarantula. Yep. This is as close as he's going to get to having a pet tarantula.
Heck, I even squirmed opening the package to insert batteries [I know, it's pathetic].

And just when he was all finished and taking it in, he spotted one last box under the tree.

A castle...

And then he played and played and played and played...

He took a lunch break...once it became a picnic in the living room.

One happy kid!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Yara said...

Rose! in future posts please put a creepy spider disclaimer/warning n so I don't read those!

Harris Family said...

Oh happy day for Harrison!! How the joy just shines off of his sweet face!

chaoticfamily said...

Super adorable. We put all the presents out on Christmas Eve too - although my 7 year old new it was Christmas Eve lol so he woke up at 6:30 but then came and snuggled until 7:30 lol. It will get earlier. Looks like you had a lovely day.

Christina said...

Sure does look like one super fantastical day - minus the creepy spider, anyway. Boys are SO different than girls - none of those things were found under our tree. :o) Merry Christmas, Harrison! (and I loved the greeting to baby Jesus too - but that post is gone!)