Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Only Just Begun..

This is the time that, as a mom, sometimes you just have to walk away. Harrison has gotten more and more comfortable on his scooter in the last couple weeks. He has some pretty incredible balance; enough to make me cringe on those tight turns.

Which eventually only leads to one thing....

Yup. That would be it. Caught in action!

"I'm okay!" he happily announces.

Then gets up and tells us, "Let me walk a moment, give me a moment."

But that doesn't take long and off he goes again.

That's when I walk away.

Daddy has it all under control.
...and if he doesn't - our insurance premiums are up to date.


Yara said...

I gotta tell you, that turns my stomach a bit.
For one, that's the sweet little boy who wore all those cool hats to the park... he can't possibly be big enough for those sweet tricks on a scooter! *gasp* he is? Hmmm... that means my daughter is right behind him. Yikes.
And- oh man, my little boy is probably gonna do those things too, huh?

Mac and Melody said...

Go, Harrison, Go! I know mom did not want to hear me say that.

I love that you captured the fall rather than run for him. You gotta let 'em fall sometimes...besides, you don't want to miss great shots this these.

Hey, thanks for you comments of encouragement at Mac and Melody.

carrie said...

Oh, I'm cringing over here! But had to laugh - Addie says the same thing, "I'm ok, Mama!" when she falls. So funny!

Just give me a moment...

Christina said...

Isn't it amazing how rough and tumble and brave and resilient they can be...and yet also how they cry over the drop of a hat other times? LOL

LOVE that you captured the fall!