Saturday, May 9, 2009

He's Off to Prom...

No, not Harrison.

Big Brother.

The G.I.D. took him to pick up his date and drop them off at another friend's house. We didn't know until they got there that his friend's parents had invited all the parents over for refreshments [and picture time] before the teens left for the Prom. Dang! Harrison and I stayed home and I had even thought to myself, "bummer, I that can't get a shot of Big Brother and his date together..." Apparently, I could have!

Hopefully pictures will be emailed to us - when they are - I'll post them!

In the mean time, he had a lot of fun.


Yara said...

I was SO thinking... what? Harrison... prom?
Big Brother looks very handsome, hope he had a good time.

Christina said...

What a handsome young man. Before we know it, it'll be our "little" ones heading out for prom!!

hipMomma said...

Does anyone else see Harrison in him? Handsome.