Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Just Sum it Up

Once he looked like this

Now he looks like this.

And he loves this.

 The day after his birthday, we hopped in the car for another round on the "Queen Ferry".

His words, "Mom. I yohve the Queen Ferry"

 Beside the engine room, why does he love the Queen Mary?
This is why...
big guns
We spent plenty of time here as he played in this.
Camera in hand and letting him play, I ran out of ideas in the bright sunlight and found myself taking pictures of this...
Yeah, the guy that came up and stood over my laughed too.  Then we discussed the little green bud stretching up to the sun [I didn't notice it in the bright sunlight at first] and the circular patches in the wood - how the small circle in the plank is how holes once were repaired and that the large circles are the cost-effective way they are repaired today.  Funny what you will talk about with strangers.

We also attended a Birthday party on Sunday which was tons of fun!

From building to...
Painting, to...
Digging, to..

There's no denying that they had a blast! See that slope behind him, he decided to ride down it on his new bike. Two things about that, he had only been riding this bike for an hour and the little hill is a bit steeper than it looks right there.

He is a boy after all.

That is also Harrison's new bike. He loves it.


Cara said...

That's a great series of pictures. I love the one in the engine room, you can tell he was on the go.

Blueberry said...

who doesn't LOOOOVE the "queen ferry"?? i was an adult when i went and i loved it! :)

looks like tons of fun!!

Elaine A. said...

That birtday party looks like a blast! And I'm loving the baby picture of your little dude, thanks for sharing that!

Killlashandra said...

Wow you guys have been busy! I love all the pictures. Looks like a smashing party to be at and big guns always do make this educational stops more fun. ;)

carrie said...

I'm tired just looking at all of these very fun, though!

I can't get over how tiny he was in that first photo!