Friday, March 13, 2009

If you're Jewish, you know Purim was on Tuesday, which was unfortunate for us because Harrison doesn't attend school on Tuesdays. He has been talking about making a costume and dressing up for WEEKS now. He sings all the songs he's learned and he tells everyone the story of Esther. So it was a no-brainer that I finish his crown and mask and take him to the Purim parade at school before we headed off to soccer.

Only there was one problem...

The Purim parade began at 9:30am - He slept until 10:00 am.

He NEVER sleeps that late.

I couldn't even wake him.

But not all was lost, he proudly wore his Purim costume to school on Wednesday.
Of course, as things go around here, we were getting ready to leave when he announced, "Mommy, you didn't make Hamantashen!" [Funny, I didn't know this was a requirement until that moment - sigh.]

At school his teacher saved the day with a bag of Hamantashen for him and the Cantor had a little mini parade one more time for him and his class .

How awesome is that?

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