Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Theory... it was a Bad Idea...

Motrin put out a new ad campaign that in my opinion demonizes wearing your baby, something that was helpful for me in Harrison early months for various reasons including the fact that he wouldn't nap in the beginning; and when I went back to work Harrison went with me - in a wrap. They want you to believe that back pain is the norm for baby wearing. It's not.

I blogged about it in more detail here since I try to keep this blog strictly about Harrison.

But there are some of you that don't read my blog and I needed to share about the numskulls at Motrin who came up with this bright bad idea. If you believe in baby wearing, whether or not you practice it, let Motrin know just how insulting this ad campaign is by emailing them.


Here's an obligatory picture of Harrison in his [and my] favorite carrier causing me much pain and anguish [can't you see it on my face??] "for the good of my kid" and so that I "look like an official mom". Uh-huh.

(P.S. - He's sitting too low after being there for a bit, but I was new at getting him on my back.)


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

That is absurd, I can't believe they'd make an ad like that. Probably they should sell motrin specifically to breastfeeding moms, too, just to be safe.

Christina said...

I hadn't noticed that ad, but GAH, now I'm irritated too! Seriously bad idea, Motrin. Nadia never liked being worn, which dissapointed me.