Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Prayer

I didn't post favorite phrases on Friday. I needed to rest. So I thought it only appropriate to share Harrison's first few unprovoked, completely voluntary prayers.

At our house dinner always starts with blessings over the meal and any other short prayer request needed at the time. Often when all 4 of us are home (The GID, Big Brother, Harrison and I), 3 of us sometimes play the "who's turn is it to pray tonight" game.

Well a couple weeks ago during that brief silence as we all held hands, just as Big Brother was about to pray, Harrison started...
"Dear Jesus, God, pray bless mommy, and daddy, and Big Brother, and Dukey. Bless our dinner. A-MEN!"
We were all surprised! Harrison often mumbles through the prayer with us and finishes with a big "A-MEN!", but that night he just jumped right in, took the reins and ran! It was so sweet and simple.

He has prayed a few times since. Last week when my throat was sore and my cold was kicking in, I was laying on the sofa and Harrison came over to me and asked, "Mommy may I touch yours throat?" "Yes." I answered.
And then he prayed.
"Bless Mommy, God, make mommy's throat ALL gone. A-MEN!"
Luckily God knows he meant sore throat!

Finally, today I was eating something and started choking a little. (Yeah, I know! Scary! A piece of food just stopped for a moment in my throat.) I coughed out the food, but as I was standing there concentrating on that moment and still coughing, I felt the little arm wrap around my leg and I heard a faint little prayer that included, "Bless mommy, -something, something- A-MEN!!" Then as he stood still hugging my leg he asked, "Mommy, you feel better now?"

More than you know... my little love.


Blueberry said...

oh what a sweet little guy you have!!

Brittany said...

OHH I loooove those prayers!!!!!

Here's Adam's prayer:

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for my food, let's eat" - seriously.

Harrison and Adam would get into serious trouble together, I just know it!

Christina said...

That is SO wonderful! I just love it. You have set a good example for him!

Nadia has started crossing herself all on her own. Her version goes, "son, spirit, son, father holy" tho. LOL! Still very sweet, and her prayer is the most innocent and holy I know.

Mandaroo said...

That is just the sweetest thing. What a lovely boy he is.