Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Love Gwendolyn

(Or - How I Can to Play with a Geo Tracks All Aboard Train Set)

A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party for Harrison's friend, GG. They have know each other since they were infants, and they love each other. The party was at the Little Gym and Harrison had a great time. As soon as he walked in, he had the staff at "Hello". GG saw him and immediately came running over to him to hug him. Harrison exclaimed, "I miss you Gwenlyn! I love you!" Then they gave each other a little toddler kiss & hug and went on their separate ways. The staff stood by, awing at the exchange.

There was balance beams and tumbling and a bouncer-type thing that Harrison loved. After that they ate PB&J and had cake. Then GG opening gifts. One of the last gifts was a Geo Tracks set. Harrison was enthralled with it.

On the way home Harrison told me he wanted to dance with a pretty princess, a princess named Gwendolyn. Oh, and that she is a girl... "Mommy, I love Gwenlyn!"
"You Do?" I responded.

"Yah! Can Gwenlyn come to my house? Maybe I can go to her house and play! Yah, that's a great idea!"

"Well, we have to call her mommy and set up a play date."
He talked about going to Gwendolyn's house for a few more minutes when it dawned on me...
"Harrison, what would you like to play with at GG's house?"

"Geo-Tracks Team All Aboard Train!"
A few days later Harrison asked, "Mommy! Can Gwenlyn come to my house and play with my toys and bring her toys? And we have fun!"
Knowing the answer, "What do you want GG to bring to your house?"

"Geo-Tracks Team All Aboard Train! Yeah! That's kinda cool!"
He talks about seeing GG at least once a week since then; but I keep forgetting to call her mommy for a play date. You know how it is, just working out those mommy schedules...

They do love each other, that's true, even if there is really more love for "Geo Tracks All Aboard Train" on the part of a certain 3-year-old boy.

So Wendy, can GG come over to play?

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Christina said...

So Little Gym is the hot spot for birthdays there too, eh?

It Harrison being disloyal to his beloved Star Whores and dabbling with Geo-Tracks!? Of course, they come with a pretty princess named Gwendolyn.....that's too cute.