Friday, May 23, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - Where Does He Get That!

Big Brother has Thee Coolest room for a 3-year-old to venture into. He has TONS of Star Wars stuff, cars, musical instruments and Legos.

Plenty of Legos.

Now Harrison is still too young for Legos really; but when he goes in to play while Daddy plays electric guitar, he gets to examine and sometimes play with the Legos. Such was the case after nap yesterday.

The G.I.D. came downstairs to take care of a quick business message and when he went back up to check on Harrison, he had lined up Legos on the rug to examine them.

The G.I.D. asked, " You like the Legos?"

Harrison responded: " Mm-hmm. They're kinda cool."

Lately everything is "Kinda Cool! "


On Tuesday Harrison had enough energy for 5 kids, no exaggeration! It started shortly after he woke up and continued until the G.I.D, took over and put him down for a nap at 3:30PM. He slept until 7:00PM. Amazingly, he was back asleep by 9:30PM. Phew!

That morning I was trying to get an assignment finished for work so I could get us out of the house to run off some of that energy; but as it goes with toddlers, Harrison was slowing down the process.

He wanted a Smoothie and he needed it NOW. I was trying to reason with him, help him understand that he needed to be patient and wait for mommy to finish some work. (Reasoning with a 3-year-old - RIGHT!) After several moments of a smoothie dance complete with chant - Maw-mee, I need a smoodie. Mommy, you make me a smoodie? I neeeed a smoodie, mommy. Make me a smoodie - he climbed onto my lap, locked his arms around me neck (while I'm still trying to type) and continued the smoothie chant; then he paused and sighed,
"This little boy needs a Smoodie."

Luckily I didn't spew coffee all over my keyboard when I burst into laughter.


Blueberry said...

he he he! this little boy needs a smoodie! that is GREAT!

Christina said...

I bet he got the smoodie, right? He's a kinda cool kid. :o)

Christina said...

I bet he got the smoodie, right? He's a kinda cool kid. :o)