Friday, March 14, 2008

Theme Thursday (Late) - Changes

The theme at Land of K.A. this week was change. How appropriate considering that Harrison just turned 3-years-old last week. That is a huge change-in-the-making in it's self. Last year when he turned 2, I noticed a big jump in his language within a couple of weeks. Amazing. This year, it's seems he has decided to talk in more complex sentences shortly after birthday number 3!

He is more defiant, yet more able to adhere to simple requests; and he just plain, outwardly enjoys the events taking place around him.
That is the most fun part of taking it to the "next level". He can exhibit more self-control and I can intervene when he begins to lose his ability for self-control. Not to say those two things run smoothly on a daily basis. After all, he is still a toddler.

We went to see the new Playhouse Disney show and the new Pixar Play parade at Disney's California Adventure on Thursday. It's been a few months since we last watched the live stage show - or a parade for that matter; and Harrison has changed in that time. He was much more engaged in the stage show (not to say he wasn't the first time.) and watched the parade intently without sitting in a stroller or trying to run into the street to touch the people and floats. This is a BIG change!
But there was still freedom to dance in the street before the parade... Of course!

So since you couldn't be with us in person watch the Pure Joy on Harrison's face at this parade, I thought I would bring the parade to you! Here are just a few highlights - (only slightly out of order...) complete with water, more water and bubbles galore! Can't wait to see it on a HOT day!


Brittany said...

I just showed Adam all these photos... I think he's jealous of Harrison!!!

Stacy said...

Oh that looks like so much fun for the kids! Harrison dancing is adorable - great pictures!

Stacy said...
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Christina said...

First of all, that looks like a FUN time!! I wanna go!
Second of all, I've been having similar reflections lately. How much The Girl has grown and changes in the last few months, how she's in such better control of herself. Cool stuff.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing! Your pic's are so vibrant! I've yet to upload ours... ;0)


Michelle said...
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