Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Phrase Friday

Harrison is growing by leaps and bounds and the cute little sayings just keep coming... Here are the newest additions to our conversations.

On Friday I needed to examine a toy before I would commit to a purchase; I HATE when they seal the box like Fort Knox and you can't get a look at what you are buying until you get home, uh-uh. Anyway, we sat on the floor in the toy section of a large store as I was tried to get everything closed and back into the box. Harrison was happy to support me with the process, while I'm grumbling, closing and cramming said toy into box he says,

"Oh, it's tricky!"
Where did that one come from? I love it

Last Thursday we went to an Inside Playground to meet up with some friends to play and have lunch. The GID had taken Harry to the backyard to play for a few minutes so could I finish up a couple things to get us out of the house. Once done, I went out and called Harrison to go on our play date. He excitedly dropped a baseball bat and ball saying,

"Sorry Daddy! Gotta go! Gotta go Daddy, sorry."
He has used this one several times this week, it still cracks me up! I picked him up from school - same thing.

Today as he played with his new "Star Whores" rocket ships he needed help so he walked over to Big Brother and asked,
"You do me favor?"

Other words:
C3PO is known as - Golden Robot CTPO
R2D2 is - Baby Robot R2D2
Then there is - Dar Bader

We don't take baths around here, we Take a Baps.

And in the morning we eat our favorite (very yummy) cereal from Trader Joes - Just the Clusters
Only Harrison asks for - Milk and Customers.

"milk and customers", that's tricky.


Blueberry and the Bean said...

ok, i LOVE milk and customers! just LOVE it!

Brittany said...

HA HA HA HA HA! Omg. That is awesome. I love the way he talks. I think Star Whores is still my favorite!

Christina said...

Hehe, I just love toddler-speak! So cute!!! Milk and customers - that's great!

carrie said...

Those are great! Emma always asks "will you do me a favorite?" So we now ALL ask for favors in that way.

And the milk and Customers! (It is delicious, I must say!) that one cracks me up!

natalie said...


How funny that we're so often on the same idea. I just jotted down a few things that M says in her "M-ism."

I'm going to share the Star Whores phrases with my star wars addict husband. He'll find them very hilarious.