Friday, February 15, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - I'm a BIG BOY.

Yup, we are only weeks away from 3 years old. It really is hard to believe.

I honestly don't know whats worse, watching the "baby boy" melt away so quickly before my eyes or having a living, moving, breathing hourglass - showing me JUST HOW quickly 3 years has ticked away. Either way, I find myself slightly melancholy over Harrison's 3rd birthday. Yet, our time together justs gets better and better each day in terms of relating and interacting. It's a delight to take him on new adventures and watch him discover EVERYTHING and then tell me what he liked and didn't like or4 what he wants to do next.

This new chapter also brings a struggle for independence within his little being. It comes out in all the regular toddler ways, but it also comes out in his words.


He is fascinated with Star Wars, not that he sees much of it, in fact he hasn't watched it all lately, but he remembers. These toddlers have the memory of an elephant!

We went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago and a few days later Harrison started telling me that he wants "A saw whores rocketship for my party" (Yes, he really does pronounce it like that and NOT like 'horse'.) He calls his birthday - his party.

You see, Big Brother has a couple really nice Star Wars toys/models/Lego sets on the shelf in his bedroom. It's like Little Brother heaven in that room.

Well, we go to Target one day with the promise that Harrison can look at Star Wars toys. [BUT we're NOT taking anything home.]

When we get to the Lego isle, there they are - STAR WARS LEGOS - all marked for kids 6 years and up.

"Saw Whores, Mommy!"

"Harrison, we need to look for some other toys, these are for big boys."


How can you argue that?

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Christina said...

Almost THREE! Wow, how quickly the time passes. Sorry, I know you're probably emotional enough about it without me saying that. ;o) I love your words and can very much relate. And his "That's ME!" comment - adorable!!