Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sing A Gato, Mommy

It's after midnight and Harrison woke up, hot with a fever uttering things like, Cookie Monster loves me. and Mommy's house, Harridin's house.

We sit in the rocking chair for a while and then I lay him back down in bed and he whispers, Sit down mommy, sit in rocking chair.

I oblige.

I whisper, "I love you", as I get up some minutes later and as I approach the door I hear a faint whisper, A--, -mommy.

"What?", I ask. I walk over to hear and touch him.

Sing A-Gato.

Another song in our night-time repertoire. I had sang it earlier this evening, when it was still a different day.
I sing it again as he lay with his eyes closed, uttering random, fever-induced little words until he drops back into a quiet sleep.

A silly little song I learned in the fourth grade that everyone teases me for knowing, and now I'm forced I get to sing it every night to my little boy - multiple times on sick nights...

I have other silly songs.

I'll wait to sing those.


Christina said...

Ah, Blogger is driving me nuts! It keeps eating my comments!

Those tender moments in the dead of night are so precious. We had one last night too. Your description made me tear up a bit. Just as you are blessed to have Harrison, he is blessed to have you!

I have never before heard that song...but it's cute, and I bet my cat-obsessed girly would love it!

melody is slurping life said...

Oh, the sweet tender moments...I love this post. And I love silly songs.

I'm keeping Harrison in my prayers.

Stacy said...

It seems the sickness is going around. I hope he feels better very soon! I think singing silly songs is required when you are a mommy. :)

Mandaroo said...

That made me smile a big smile! Glad Don Gato made it in the end! Cute song! Feel better soon!