Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Swear I Heard the Fat Lady Sing!!

If you know Harrison at all, you know he NEVER - Hardly Ever Stops moving! When he stops there is something wrong. Today he halted.

We just barely got past of all the illnesses and IT'S BACK!


But chills, fever and aches have take Harrison hostage today.

Yet in full spirited-toddler style, between the moans, and during shivering chills Harrison claims, I'm fine mommy, I fine.

He went down for a nap early and woke up saying, I'm better now, I'm happy now. He plays and runs around like a crazy boy for a while. (A totally normal event.) Then the chills return while he continues to tell me, I'm fine mommy.

He is SO NOT fine.

Is this foreshadowing of things to come with him?

As for me, Come on already! Haven't we had enough illnesses??

Where is that fat lady?? I need her to sing!

No post Friday but I'll return with Fav Phrase Friday next week.


Brittany said...

We are in the same BOAT! ah! Except it's ME getting sick AGAIN! GRRR... I pray my little men don't get it.

Christina said...

We have a sick one here, too! Poor little people. They really are troopers, tho, aren't they?