Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was commenting on another blog about baking and thought I had better finish my story here.

Pumpkin Pie, that's what Harrison and I made tonight.

That was AFTER I made a Rosemary-Lemon Leg-of-Lamb with Roasted Red Potatoes and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash for dinner.
Yeah, no. I don't usually cook like that. Not sure what came over me...

But Harrison had anticipated Pumpkin Pie making all afternoon. Well, actually since last night when he asked to make Pumpkin Pie out of the blue and I said Okay, why not? We had most of the ingredients.

During his nap I went to the store and bought some frozen pie crusts. When I arrived home one can of milk was missing from the counter. Curious. I mentioned it to the GID, he turned and called to Harrison, “where did you take the can of ice cream, Harrison? You had it with you while Mommy was gone, go find it.”

Can of ice cream? I'll ask later.

The rush of dinner began. I was on some kind of roll, had I eaten an abundance of sugar I was unaware of? Hmm. No. I wish I had. Mmm. But I digress.
Just as dinner was about done, I opened the fridge to pull out the… NO EGGS! No eggs?! How can I NOT have eggs!??


I broke the news that we couldn’t make pies tonight. Well Harrison was NOT OKAY with the possible cancellation of said project. So off dad went to the grocery store, 10 minutes before dinner he runs to the store for eggs.

My hero.

We made pies. Harrison had a great time breaking the eggs and tasting the sugar and spices. And tasting more sugar. remembering how I break eggs, he hit it against the inside of the bowl. All right, great start, and then he moved it from over the bowl and broke it open with his fingers. I caught the egg in my hand before it hit the floor and the GID came running to lend a hand – or a bowl to catch it. (Don’t worry, I tossed that one.) Than the second one, this time I moved the bowl right under Harrison. Well he squeezed the egg and it exploded, egg white hit him in the right in the face – but hey, the rest of it landed in the bowl! (Yup, Harrison tasted the eggs, too) I added the last egg, with him watching closely, and then as I spent the next 5 minutes picking out tiny shell fragments, Harrison did some more sugar taste-testing. Of course.

Now, how the pies turn out, we have yet to see. We’re taking them to our friend’s house tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Whether she wants us to or not. And, yes, there COULD be a microscopic shell fragment – or 2 – in the pies. (Okay, not really.) AND she could be reading this right now! See you tomorrow with kids, pies and dog!

Just for the record, my cooking frenzy has now passed. **phew**


Brittany said...

ahh! All the cooking... I need to get started! I only have 3 hours! hahah. I am a slacker.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Christina said...

Mmm, those pies sure look yummy! I'm glad to read the conclusion to the story you began in the comments on my blog. :o) Sounds like quite the little baker you;ve got there! I didn't even let Nadia try to do the eggs.

Happy Thanksgiving!