Friday, November 23, 2007

Fav Phrase Friday - Let's do games...

Live From San Diego - It's Favorite Phrase Friday!!

"Let's do games, Mommy."

"Daddy. Do games?"

"Let's do games!"

That's what we've heard quite often in the few two weeks. It's Harrison's way of saying, Let's Play or Play with me! But just when I think that the word play is not in his vocabulary for some unknown reason, out pops, "Let's play catch!"

We do lots of games...
We play catch by rolling cars and balls across the floor, we chase each other around the house, we play with playdoh, have tea with the Tea set, play on the train table or drive cars around and around the sofa for half an hour - just to name a few games!

But it always starts out with "Let's do Games!"

And then, of course, instructions from the 2-year-old on HOW to do the game.


Brittany said...

Awwww that's so cute!

Christina said...

hehe, how cute! Nadia just asks to
play, doesn't use the term "games!"