Friday, October 5, 2007

Fav Phrase Friday - OH ME GOSH!!

HEY! Welcome back to here!

So what did the week of October 1st bring us?


Every other sentence (if that's what it is) out of Harry's mouth is Oh Me Gosh!

When he plays with his cars and makes them crash (ALREADY??) he exuberantly yells, Oh Me Gosh, Mommy! Oh Me Gosh!! they crashed, and finishes the moment off with a fake (yes, FAKE) hearty belly laugh.

We watched Jungle Book for the first time this week as well, yep, out came,
OH MOMMY! Oh Me Gosh! Oh Me Gosh!

A trash truck would stop by the house and pick up our trash, Oh Me Gosh! Look mommy, Trash truck - Barroom!

And as we wind down the evening and get ready for bed - that last burst of energy kicks in as Harrison runs around the room like the Tasmanian Devil yelling,
OH ME GOSH, OH ME GOSH, Mommy look at me! OH ME GOSH!!

Oh, what fun this new phrase brought to all of us this past week!

And as I finish this post, Harrison has just fallen down and yelled "Oh Me Gosh, I fell down" With that came more jumping up & down exclaiming "Oh Me Gosh! Oh Me Gosh! I fell down again!"

Oh my gosh.

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Christina said...

LOL...that is just too cute. "oh me gosh!" Sounds like it has about the same meaning as Nadia's "wow, cool, look, wow!"