Friday, October 26, 2007

Fav Phrase Friday - I'm Upstairs!

Well, this week was a loss with a mystery illness that kept re-emerging in different forms. High fever on Monday, tiredness and sneezing on Tuesday, coughing on Wednesday, runny nose on Thursday and today - a combination of the last 3 days. Hurrah! Oh what a day, so not a lot of new words, more like a constant symphony of whining.

And, oh, how we do LOVE whining!

But not all is ever lost on a Toddler - starting with nap time today:

I put our whiny, tired, I-just-want-to-lay-here-and-think-of-playing toddler down for a nap early today. Most unwillingly I might add. So after about a minute of crying, he stops. And then...

"HELP Daddy!"


"HELP Daddy!"


"HELP Daddy!"

I turn in the monitor to hear what he's saying.

"Daddy HELP! Help! DADDY!!"





"Help Daddy!"

Apparently he thought the GID was going to come Save-the-Day!
As if he has before?

And lately when he wakes from his nap, it often sounds like this now days:

"Mommy, Wake-up Time!"


"Mommy, no more nappy time, eet's wake-up time..."

And if I haven't quite ascended those stairs at my Super-Mom, lightening-fast speed to scoop him up and out of his cozy nappiness, well...

"Mommy! I'M UP-STAIRS!!

...Just in case I forgot where I parked him.

My blogging-world friend Natalie started a Phrase Friday last week, too. What a lovely coincidence! Join us by sharing what your Toddler is saying!


natalie said...

Well, with that kind of vocabulary, I doubt he'll be missing in action very long.

I love how much these little kiddos are learning to express themselves!

Christina said...

LOL, that's too funny...calling for his knight in shaning armor to come rescue him from the mean mommy. ;o)