Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Boy, His Butt is Big!"

We went to the Aquarium on Thursday and we had a great time. Harrison became hysterical at the site of the first exhibit. I suppose it had to do with the immensity of the tank - it was two stories high and some of the fish were as big as he is. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't really like the Aquarium, so I missed the pictures of sheer exuberance on Harry's face. But all was not lost...

Here's a BIG FISH.

Although it's dark and grainy, this is my favorite picture of the day.

So, what is he looking at so intently?

Could it be this?

Or this?

Or possibly this.

Heck no. The exhibit that kept Harrison's attention the longest was this...

Yep, a scuba diver crammed into the fish tank doing a little cleaning. Don't they have fish for that?
But the best part is listening to two women discuss his better side.

Woman 1 - Boy, his butt is big!

Woman 2 - I think it's the glass, it MUST magnify everything.

Woman 1 - It could be that suit he's wearing.

Woman 2 - I'm sure it's the glass.

Woman 1 - I hope so, because that IS a BIG butt!

I mean, come on! This guy looked to be about 7 feet tall - like - Andre the Giant in there! Hello? Yet, they were pondering the "big butt." Next would be a discussion of his chosen water shoes...

But I will never know.

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Yara said...

Rose I scrolled back up to see if you'd gotten a picture of the big butt.