Saturday, August 25, 2007

Make Room in the Sandbox!

So have I posted anything lately? NO! Why? Well let’s see…
Yes, I started this blog to just to have a quick-access platform to post pictures and events of Harrison’s life for friends and family to view, okay that works. Sorta.

Then immediately I go to work, out of the house, full time (only temporarily- for a few weeks-but still,
We all promptly get sick with end-of-summer colds,
Harrison has a terrible-twos week-long episode,
And to top it off - I discover the overwhelming world of mommy-blogs! Oh My Gosh!

I love what the internet has done in allowing people the ability to express and share their creative giftings. There are so many expressive voices out there that put MY everyday experiences into much better words then I could have dreamed! I can't live up to these blogs.

But after "lurking" for a couple weeks (because I'm a newb).


So play, I will!

Move over girls, I'm jumping in the sandbox! After all, having some themes and learning a few tricks will (hopefully) make it more enjoyable for Harrison’s family & friends to visit here. Maybe I’ll even figure out how to send a notice to them when I’ve posted – one step at a time, newb!

Anyway, over at the fun site/blog Picture This, this week’s theme was FADE, with that I posted another picture of Harrison with Big Brother, because as I watch and listen to each of them I see babyhood quickly fading into childhood and childhood fading away as our newly 17-year-old finds his way into young adulthood. Truly Bittersweet, how cherished they are. This was a nice moment as the day faded into evening when Booboo took Harrison on a walk.


Mandy said...

So sweet! Although, mine are only 4 years apart, it is really special when they demonstrate the loving bond that they have (often in uncaptured moments, when I happen to peak in on them somewhere!) That's a great capture (mine was late too-for Picture this!!!)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Welcome, Newby! Adorable picture!