Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Ninja Style!

Lego Ninjago is all the rage around here – especially since Harrison stumbled upon it on the Cartoon Network.

So it’s wasn’t surprising when the only thing he wanted from out visit to China Town a couple months ago was a Sensei Wu-style hat.
(well, at least until he saw the faux nun-chucks on the way to the car that is.)

Ninja collage

Who knew those VBS survivor style buffs would come in so handy for so long!

Just watch your back, you never know when a stealth ninja warrior may sneak up on you in the dark.

ninja diptych

Because he really will be Wordless.



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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

lol, he really will be "wordless," that's terribly cute! Looks like he's having fun with his new hat!

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

Looks like he's all boy and loving it!