Monday, January 23, 2012

Snapshot Sunday | His Happy Face

My dear friend over at Barely Controlled Chaos made a list of goals for the year that included taking a “favorite photo of the week” in an attempt to pick up her camera more this year.  In my own life blogging fell by the wayside for so many reasons in the last two years.

The other night as I read through some old blog posts and released a couple more drafts that got left behind here at PBP , I realized how important this platform is in recording the precious moments the G.I.D. and I share with our sons.

Moments that I would have otherwise have forgotten.

Moments that make me happy.

So as I took pictures of Harrison late Saturday night for my 366 Project (picture a day), I captured a moment that I kept coming back to for the rest of the weekend. He was in the middle of a laugh while putting together a new Lego set.

I caught that happy face and I LOVE this picture.



One of the categories my friend has added to her blog is “Snapshot Sunday” a resurrection of sorts of Best Shot Monday … and I loved Best Shot Monday. (Apparently, I’m feeling a lot of love this Monday morning…)

I know it’s Monday, but I was computer-free yesterday and I just had to share MY favorite snapshot this week, Harrison in his “Happy Place”.

Happy Monday!


Jen said...

I miss Best Shot Monday too. It is so fun to highlight a favorite photo from the week. Harrison's happy face is pretty sweet. :)

Carrie said...

Oh I'm in love this Monday too! I love his happy face. And love you are playing along. Maybe I'll make a lil big button.