Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did You Know | Visiting the Tide Pools

In February we were blessed with a visit by old friends from South Dakota. I absolutely adore this couple and their family, I’ve known Him since high school and He started dating Her about the time I started dating the G.I.D. and they were married only months before we were. Anytime we have opportunity to travel back to SD we try to see them; so what a treat to have them with us for a change!


Seriously, it had been WAY too long since Harrison and I had ventured down to the tide pools and they are so close. I forget all the hidden beauty in the big city we live in. After three days at Disneyland, I know our friends {nature-loving} were delighted to spend the afternoon in and near the ocean.

As were we.


It really was a perfect day.

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