Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Smashing!

There are times when you just need to SMASH something and that is exactly what we [Harrison] did one evening.

After finding that a 30-year-old remote control car no longer worked (like that's a surprise) we were about to toss it in the trash when Harrison spotted a rubber mallet nearby and asked if he could crunch the car.

Why not?

"I'll get the safety goggles!" I happily replied (...and the camera).

  My safety goggles were too big. (what? doesn't every mom have safety goggles?)
Therefore out came the Handy Manny goggles!
 ...oh and the "I'm tough" look. Yes, he's acting. Once again.

Oh. And don't forget the box.

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Jenny said...

I love the tough guy look....and the not-so-tough-these-goggles-are-too-big look! = )

Jen said...

Man, these shots make me want to go smash something too. My 4 year old would flip out if he got to do this. Love it.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

He did a smashing good job!

Andy from Workshopshed said...

You could strip the car down into bits and use bits from other broken toys to make something even cooler.