Sunday, April 25, 2010

SOOC - Beautiful Days

He's five years old. Five years going on 14. I know, I said that when he was four.

But it's true.

And it's exhausting work - molding a boy who will some day become a man.

So today was just another fun day out. Off to the Museum of Natural History to see the butterflies. And there's nothing more like music to a mom's ears then when the words muttered from a child's mouth are, "I love the Museum!"

He also dug for fossils...

Pet a tortoise.

And ran into (or from) a baby T-Rex that got loose in one of the exhibit halls!

Best of all, we got into the car to head home, and I got to hear three more unprovoked words that swelled my heart with joy, "I had fun."

I did too sweet boy, I did too.

Slurping Life

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Hopesrising said...

I so love the second photo. Beautiful catch!! Love the story that goes with it as well.