Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Passover!

Today is the first Seder for Passover (Pesach). Being in a Jewish preschool, Harrison really does get the best of both worlds; he learns all about Passover and the life of Moses up through leading the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt and then he goes to Sunday school and learns all about Easter, Jesus, His sacrifice on the cross and being raised again.

Old. and. New.

Does he get confused? No, not really. Does he tell his friends all about baby Moses, frogs, King Pharaoh, and Matzah bread? Most definitely. He also has no qualms about walking into the Rabbi's office, when the door is open, and discussing Jesus (and the Rabbi will take a hug from Harrison any day - because that's how their conversations always start).

My not-so-shy boy getting ready to entertain the parents.

Right there in the middle, doing all his hand motions.

Harrison is VERY serious about his singing...

He's also very serious about his Matzah.

I really love having the "best of both worlds".

On Friday during Shabbat Service Harrison's preschool marched around the synagogue plaza in celebration of the Israelites leaving Egypt and on Saturday night Harrison's Sunday school class marched around the halls of children's church celebrating Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Both occasions caused my heart to march with joy.


Elaine A. said...

That is really neat that he is exposed to both. I personally think it makes the whole "story" complete.

Christina said...

That really is neat that he gets to experience both. Gorgeous pictures - you just keep getting better and better!

Yara said...

awesome! I have the Hannah Montana song in my head now, but still...
oh and the 1st and I think it was the 4th picture... have me trying to figure out what that is, and why & all that ; )